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What we can offer:

Items for sale – We always have a selection of items available for immediate purchase. Feel free to enquire about what is available or pop over to the shop. Prices range from £20 (plus p+p) and items range from small sun-catchers to larger panels or lanterns.

Commissions – We can design and make suncatchers, panels and windows to order. Prices are available on request. 

Pet portraits – We can design and make pet portraits from photos supplied by clients. Estimated price on application and depends on the complexity of the design and type of glass to be used.

Phoebe the Staffie

Workshops and Classes

Creating art is not only hugely enjoyable, there is increasing scientific evidence which shows that art enhances brain function. It impacts brain wave patterns and emotions, the nervous system and can raise serotonin levels. In this modern world where we are pressured to succeed, to be more, to do more, to continually strive, it would do us all good to slow down, to breathe, to create. However, so many people say “I’m not artistic”, “I can’t draw”, “I haven’t done anything like this since I was a child”. I would say that everyone has a creative part of them, they just need to find the outlet. I would say this art form is for YOU! You can create your own individual and unique piece of stained glass art with us during a half, one or two day workshop for that initial taste of the art form, or regular classes.

We currently focus on Tiffany/Copper Foil stained glass work. Leaded Stained Glass workshops and classes will follow, as will painting on glass and warm glass work (fusing).

Which is best for you?


We hold half, one or two day events. These are ideal for the complete beginner or returner or to expand your knowledge and repertoire without committing to regular classes. These are an excellent first step.

Small classes with a maximum of four participants will receive friendly, relaxed, informal tuition provided in a calm and nurturing environment in the heart of the Kent countryside. All tools and materials are provided and you will leave with your own, individual piece of glass art, at the end of your session.

Refreshments are provided for all workshops and classes.  During one and two day workshops a light lunch is provided.

During a Half Day Workshop (three hours) you will be able to make a small stained glass item consisting of around four individual pieces of glass, choosing from a selection of our designs. Price £60 per person.

During a One Day Workshop (seven  hours inc. lunch) you will be able to make a larger hanging piece of glass, or small panel, from a selection available, comprising of up to six individual pieces of glass. Price £130 per person.  

Two Day Workshops will allow participants to make increasingly complex and detailed items such as lanterns, whereby the glass panels from purchased lanterns are removed and then replaced with coloured glass, glass nuggets, wirework and even engraved glass. Price on application.

A new workshop for this year is a two day, Design Your Own stained glass session. Participants will delve deeper into the world of stained glass and design their very own individual piece of glass art. We will discuss ideas beforehand so that we start day one with a workable idea of design and colour choices and then work on and draft the design and make a pattern on day one and then cut, foil and solder on day two. Price on application.

Why not take over the Studio and invite three of your nearest and dearest to share your day (or two) and have exclusive use of the Studio and me. Dates may be negotiated with participants. Price on application.


We hold regular classes of ten week `terms’ of two hour sessions, where participants can explore stained glass in greater depth, with a view to learning more about the art and creating more detailed and involved pieces. The emphasis will be more on refining the skills learnt on previous workshops and looking deeper into the history of stained glass, the different types of glass and how they might be used, improving techniques such as soldering, exploring different solder patinas and how best to frame your piece.

Classes are mixed ability, with some returning participants, so everyone will go at their own pace as opposed to classroom style curricula. Limiting class sizes to four people also helps us to give you all the time you need to progress.

All the necessary tools are provided, but you will need to buy your own materials of glass, solder and copper foil. Price of classes £200 per block of ten (i.e £10 per hour), which may be used flexibly between evening and day classes, if needed. The cost of materials is usually no more than £30, but this depends on the project you select. We will also help you to start to build your own collection of tools for taking things forward.

Calendar of events

MonthWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
JanuaryClass Tuesdays A.M Class Tuesdays Evening  Class Tuesdays A.M Class Tuesdays Evening Friday 21 January Half Day WorkshopClass Tuesdays A.M Class Tuesdays Evening Saturday 29th January Full Day Workshop
FebruaryClass Tuesdays A.M Class Tuesdays Evening Friday 4 February Half Day Valentine’s WorkshopClass Tuesdays A.M Class Tuesdays EveningClass Tuesdays A.M Class Tuesdays EveningClass Tuesdays A.M Class Tuesdays Evening Friday 25th February Full Day Workshop  
MarchClass Tuesdays A.M Class Tuesdays EveningClass Tuesdays A.M Class Tuesdays Evening Saturday 12th March Half Day WorkshopClass Tuesdays A.M Class Tuesdays EveningSaturday 26th March Full Day Workshop  
AprilSaturday 2nd April Half Day WorkshopFriday 8th April Full Day Workshop  

Please make contact with me directly on the above email address or phone number to discuss the options.

Vouchers – We sell gift vouchers to give your loved ones the opportunity to contribute towards their own piece of glass art, or a workshop or regular classes. Prices range from £20 upwards.

Cloverdale Glass Studio

Nestled in the heart of the Kent countryside lies Cloverdale Glass Studio, born from the love of stained glass and the inspiration of the countryside surrounding us. 

Hello, my name is Wendy Atkins. When we moved to our house, a transom (window above a door) caught my eye and I immediately felt that it called for a stained glass panel. The process intrigued me and so I thought I would learn how to make the panel myself and it started a love affair with the art form. 

Since working with glass I have found the act of artistic expression through an art form which, with guidance, needs no intrinsic artistic ability to be of enormous benefit to the individual.  So, I thought I would, not only continue making glass art to sell, but also share my studio and bring this beautiful art form to more people. In today’s fast moving and frenetic world, time away and the act of creating can calm the mind and body.